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Rapid Locomotion via Reinforcement Learning

May 05, 2022
Gabriel B Margolis, Ge Yang, Kartik Paigwar, Tao Chen, Pulkit Agrawal

* Accepted for publication at Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS) 2022 

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Bilinear value networks

Apr 28, 2022
Zhang-Wei Hong, Ge Yang, Pulkit Agrawal

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An Integrated Design Pipeline for Tactile Sensing Robotic Manipulators

Apr 14, 2022
Lara Zlokapa, Yiyue Luo, Jie Xu, Michael Foshey, Kui Wu, Pulkit Agrawal, Wojciech Matusik

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Topological Experience Replay

Mar 29, 2022
Zhang-Wei Hong, Tao Chen, Yen-Chen Lin, Joni Pajarinen, Pulkit Agrawal

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Stubborn: A Strong Baseline for Indoor Object Navigation

Mar 14, 2022
Haokuan Luo, Albert Yue, Zhang-Wei Hong, Pulkit Agrawal

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Neural Descriptor Fields: SE(3)-Equivariant Object Representations for Manipulation

Dec 09, 2021
Anthony Simeonov, Yilun Du, Andrea Tagliasacchi, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Alberto Rodriguez, Pulkit Agrawal, Vincent Sitzmann

* Website: First two authors contributed equally (order determined by coin flip), last two authors equal advising 

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A System for General In-Hand Object Re-Orientation

Nov 04, 2021
Tao Chen, Jie Xu, Pulkit Agrawal

* Accepted as an oral paper by CORL (Conference on Robot Learning); Keywords: dexterous manipulation, in-hand manipulation, object reorientation 

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Learning to Jump from Pixels

Oct 28, 2021
Gabriel B. Margolis, Tao Chen, Kartik Paigwar, Xiang Fu, Donghyun Kim, Sangbae Kim, Pulkit Agrawal

* Accepted for publication at Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL) 2021 

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Equivariant Contrastive Learning

Oct 28, 2021
Rumen Dangovski, Li Jing, Charlotte Loh, Seungwook Han, Akash Srivastava, Brian Cheung, Pulkit Agrawal, Marin Soljačić

* 17 pages, 5 figures 

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An End-to-End Differentiable Framework for Contact-Aware Robot Design

Jul 15, 2021
Jie Xu, Tao Chen, Lara Zlokapa, Michael Foshey, Wojciech Matusik, Shinjiro Sueda, Pulkit Agrawal

* Robotics: Science and Systems 

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3D Neural Scene Representations for Visuomotor Control

Jul 08, 2021
Yunzhu Li, Shuang Li, Vincent Sitzmann, Pulkit Agrawal, Antonio Torralba

* First two authors contributed equally. Project Page: 

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Learning Task Informed Abstractions

Jun 30, 2021
Xiang Fu, Ge Yang, Pulkit Agrawal, Tommi Jaakkola

* 8 pages, 12 figures 

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Residual Model Learning for Microrobot Control

Apr 01, 2021
Joshua Gruenstein, Tao Chen, Neel Doshi, Pulkit Agrawal

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The Low-Rank Simplicity Bias in Deep Networks

Mar 18, 2021
Minyoung Huh, Hossein Mobahi, Richard Zhang, Brian Cheung, Pulkit Agrawal, Phillip Isola

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A Long Horizon Planning Framework for Manipulating Rigid Pointcloud Objects

Nov 16, 2020
Anthony Simeonov, Yilun Du, Beomjoon Kim, Francois R. Hogan, Joshua Tenenbaum, Pulkit Agrawal, Alberto Rodriguez

* Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL 2020): Project website: 

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OPAL: Offline Primitive Discovery for Accelerating Offline Reinforcement Learning

Oct 27, 2020
Anurag Ajay, Aviral Kumar, Pulkit Agrawal, Sergey Levine, Ofir Nachum


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AdaScale SGD: A User-Friendly Algorithm for Distributed Training

Jul 09, 2020
Tyler B. Johnson, Pulkit Agrawal, Haijie Gu, Carlos Guestrin

* ICML 2020 

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Towards Practical Multi-Object Manipulation using Relational Reinforcement Learning

Dec 23, 2019
Richard Li, Allan Jabri, Trevor Darrell, Pulkit Agrawal

* 10 pages, 4 figures and 1 table in main article, 3 figures and 3 tables in appendix. Supplementary website and videos at 

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Superposition of many models into one

Feb 14, 2019
Brian Cheung, Alex Terekhov, Yubei Chen, Pulkit Agrawal, Bruno Olshausen

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Investigating Human Priors for Playing Video Games

Jul 25, 2018
Rachit Dubey, Pulkit Agrawal, Deepak Pathak, Thomas L. Griffiths, Alexei A. Efros

* ICML 2018 
* ICML 2018 

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Learning Instance Segmentation by Interaction

Jun 21, 2018
Deepak Pathak, Yide Shentu, Dian Chen, Pulkit Agrawal, Trevor Darrell, Sergey Levine, Jitendra Malik

* Website at 

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Zero-Shot Visual Imitation

Apr 23, 2018
Deepak Pathak, Parsa Mahmoudieh, Guanghao Luo, Pulkit Agrawal, Dian Chen, Yide Shentu, Evan Shelhamer, Jitendra Malik, Alexei A. Efros, Trevor Darrell

* Oral presentation at ICLR 2018. Website at 

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A Computer Vision Pipeline for Automated Determination of Cardiac Structure and Function and Detection of Disease by Two-Dimensional Echocardiography

Jan 12, 2018
Jeffrey Zhang, Sravani Gajjala, Pulkit Agrawal, Geoffrey H. Tison, Laura A. Hallock, Lauren Beussink-Nelson, Eugene Fan, Mandar A. Aras, ChaRandle Jordan, Kirsten E. Fleischmann, Michelle Melisko, Atif Qasim, Alexei Efros, Sanjiv J. Shah, Ruzena Bajcsy, Rahul C. Deo

* 9 figures, 2 tables 

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Learning to Perform Physics Experiments via Deep Reinforcement Learning

Aug 17, 2017
Misha Denil, Pulkit Agrawal, Tejas D Kulkarni, Tom Erez, Peter Battaglia, Nando de Freitas

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Curiosity-driven Exploration by Self-supervised Prediction

May 15, 2017
Deepak Pathak, Pulkit Agrawal, Alexei A. Efros, Trevor Darrell

* In ICML 2017. Website at 

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Combining Self-Supervised Learning and Imitation for Vision-Based Rope Manipulation

Mar 06, 2017
Ashvin Nair, Dian Chen, Pulkit Agrawal, Phillip Isola, Pieter Abbeel, Jitendra Malik, Sergey Levine

* 8 pages, accepted to International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2017 

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Learning to Poke by Poking: Experiential Learning of Intuitive Physics

Feb 15, 2017
Pulkit Agrawal, Ashvin Nair, Pieter Abbeel, Jitendra Malik, Sergey Levine

* NIPS 2016 

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What makes ImageNet good for transfer learning?

Dec 10, 2016
Minyoung Huh, Pulkit Agrawal, Alexei A. Efros

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Human Pose Estimation with Iterative Error Feedback

Jun 12, 2016
Joao Carreira, Pulkit Agrawal, Katerina Fragkiadaki, Jitendra Malik

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Learning Visual Predictive Models of Physics for Playing Billiards

Jan 19, 2016
Katerina Fragkiadaki, Pulkit Agrawal, Sergey Levine, Jitendra Malik

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