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Understanding the Effect of Out-of-distribution Examples and Interactive Explanations on Human-AI Decision Making

Jan 27, 2021
Han Liu, Vivian Lai, Chenhao Tan

* 42 pages, 22 figures 

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Towards Unifying Feature Attribution and Counterfactual Explanations: Different Means to the Same End

Nov 10, 2020
Ramaravind K. Mothilal, Divyat Mahajan, Chenhao Tan, Amit Sharma

* 14 pages, 9 figures 

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Evaluating and Characterizing Human Rationales

Oct 09, 2020
Samuel Carton, Anirudh Rathore, Chenhao Tan

* 14 pages, 15 figures, to appear in EMNLP 2020. Code is available at 

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Characterizing the Value of Information in Medical Notes

Oct 07, 2020
Chao-Chun Hsu, Shantanu Karnwal, Sendhil Mullainathan, Ziad Obermeyer, Chenhao Tan

* 15 pages, 12 figures, Findings of EMNLP 2020, code is available at 

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Harnessing Explanations to Bridge AI and Humans

Mar 16, 2020
Vivian Lai, Samuel Carton, Chenhao Tan

* 4 pages, CHI 2020 Fair & Responsible AI Workshop 

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"Why is 'Chicago' deceptive?" Towards Building Model-Driven Tutorials for Humans

Jan 14, 2020
Vivian Lai, Han Liu, Chenhao Tan

* 26 pages, 48 figures, CHI 2020 

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Preserving Causal Constraints in Counterfactual Explanations for Machine Learning Classifiers

Dec 06, 2019
Divyat Mahajan, Chenhao Tan, Amit Sharma

* 2019 NeurIPS Workshop on Do the right thing: Machine learning and Causal Inference for improved decision making 

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What Gets Echoed? Understanding the "Pointers" in Explanations of Persuasive Arguments

Nov 01, 2019
David Atkinson, Kumar Bhargav Srinivasan, Chenhao Tan

* 19 pages, 3 figures, EMNLP 2019, the code and dataset are available at 

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Content Removal as a Moderation Strategy: Compliance and Other Outcomes in the ChangeMyView Community

Oct 21, 2019
Kumar Bhargav Srinivasan, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Lillian Lee, Chenhao Tan

* 21 pages, 8 figures, accepted at CSCW 2019, the dataset is available at 

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Many Faces of Feature Importance: Comparing Built-in and Post-hoc Feature Importance in Text Classification

Oct 18, 2019
Vivian Lai, Jon Z. Cai, Chenhao Tan

* 17 pages, 18 figures, EMNLP 2019, the code is available at 

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Explaining Machine Learning Classifiers through Diverse Counterfactual Explanations

May 19, 2019
Ramaravind Kommiya Mothilal, Amit Sharma, Chenhao Tan

* 11 pages 

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Learning Fair Representations via an Adversarial Framework

Apr 30, 2019
Rui Feng, Yang Yang, Yuehan Lyu, Chenhao Tan, Yizhou Sun, Chunping Wang

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No Permanent Friends or Enemies: Tracking Relationships between Nations from News

Apr 18, 2019
Xiaochuang Han, Eunsol Choi, Chenhao Tan

* NAACL 2019; code available at 

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Ask Not What AI Can Do, But What AI Should Do: Towards a Framework of Task Delegability

Feb 08, 2019
Brian Lubars, Chenhao Tan

* 8 pages, 6 figures, 5 tables, dataset available at 

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On Human Predictions with Explanations and Predictions of Machine Learning Models: A Case Study on Deception Detection

Nov 28, 2018
Vivian Lai, Chenhao Tan

* 17 pages, 19 figures, in Proceedings of ACM FAT* 2019, dataset & demo available at 

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Neural Models for Documents with Metadata

Oct 23, 2018
Dallas Card, Chenhao Tan, Noah A. Smith

* Dallas Card, Chenhao Tan, and Noah A. Smith. (2018). Neural Models for Documents with Metadata. In Proceedings of the 56th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (Volume 1: Long Papers) 
* 13 pages, 3 figures, 6 tables; updating to version published at ACL 2018 

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LSTMs Exploit Linguistic Attributes of Data

May 29, 2018
Nelson F. Liu, Omer Levy, Roy Schwartz, Chenhao Tan, Noah A. Smith

* 7 pages, 4 figures; accepted to ACL 2018 RepL4NLP workshop 

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"You are no Jack Kennedy": On Media Selection of Highlights from Presidential Debates

Feb 23, 2018
Chenhao Tan, Hao Peng, Noah A. Smith

* 10 pages, 5 figures, to appear in Proceedings of WWW 2018, data and more at 

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Dynamic Entity Representations in Neural Language Models

Aug 02, 2017
Yangfeng Ji, Chenhao Tan, Sebastian Martschat, Yejin Choi, Noah A. Smith

* EMNLP 2017 camera-ready version 

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Friendships, Rivalries, and Trysts: Characterizing Relations between Ideas in Texts

Jul 16, 2017
Chenhao Tan, Dallas Card, Noah A. Smith

* 11 pages, 9 figures, to appear in Proceedings of ACL 2017, code and data available at (fixed a typo) 

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Talk it up or play it down? (Un)expected correlations between (de-)emphasis and recurrence of discussion points in consequential U.S. economic policy meetings

Dec 19, 2016
Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee

* 14 pages, 18 figures, presented at Text as Data 2016, data and more at 

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Winning Arguments: Interaction Dynamics and Persuasion Strategies in Good-faith Online Discussions

Feb 06, 2016
Chenhao Tan, Vlad Niculae, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Lillian Lee

* 12 pages, 10 figures, to appear in Proceedings of WWW 2016, data and more at (v2 made a minor correction on submission rules in ChangeMyView.) 

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All Who Wander: On the Prevalence and Characteristics of Multi-community Engagement

Mar 16, 2015
Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee

* 11 pages, data available at, Proceedings of WWW 2015 (updated references) 

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A Corpus of Sentence-level Revisions in Academic Writing: A Step towards Understanding Statement Strength in Communication

May 31, 2014
Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee

* 6 pages, to appear in Proceedings of ACL 2014 (short paper) 

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The effect of wording on message propagation: Topic- and author-controlled natural experiments on Twitter

May 06, 2014
Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee, Bo Pang

* 11 pages, to appear in Proceedings of ACL 2014 

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Hedge detection as a lens on framing in the GMO debates: A position paper

Jun 05, 2012
Eunsol Choi, Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Jennifer Spindel

* 10 pp; to appear in Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Extra-Propositional Aspects of Meaning in Computational Linguistics, 2012. Data available at 

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User-level sentiment analysis incorporating social networks

Sep 27, 2011
Chenhao Tan, Lillian Lee, Jie Tang, Long Jiang, Ming Zhou, Ping Li

* Proceedings of KDD 2011. Poster 

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