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RA-GCN: Graph Convolutional Network for Disease Prediction Problems with Imbalanced Data

Feb 27, 2021
Mahsa Ghorbani, Anees Kazi, Mahdieh Soleymani Baghshah, Hamid R. Rabiee, Nassir Navab

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Deep Bingham Networks: Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Pose Estimation

Dec 20, 2020
Haowen Deng, Mai Bui, Nassir Navab, Leonidas Guibas, Slobodan Ilic, Tolga Birdal

* arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:2004.04807 

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An Uncertainty-Driven GCN Refinement Strategy for Organ Segmentation

Dec 06, 2020
Roger D. Soberanis-Mukul, Nassir Navab, Shadi Albarqouni

* Accepted for publication at the Journal of Machine Learning for Biomedical Imaging (MELBA) 

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Rethinking Positive Aggregation and Propagation of Gradients in Gradient-based Saliency Methods

Dec 01, 2020
Ashkan Khakzar, Soroosh Baselizadeh, Nassir Navab

* ICML 2020 - Workshop on Human Interpretability in Machine Learning - Spotlight paper - Video at 

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Pose-dependent weights and Domain Randomization for fully automatic X-ray to CT Registration

Nov 14, 2020
Matthias Grimm, Javier Esteban, Mathias Unberath, Nassir Navab

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Self-Supervised Out-of-Distribution Detection in Brain CT Scans

Nov 10, 2020
Abinav Ravi Venkatakrishnan, Seong Tae Kim, Rami Eisawy, Franz Pfister, Nassir Navab

* Accepted at Medical Imaging Meets NeurIPS Workshop at NeurIPS 2020 

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Autonomous Robotic Screening of Tubular Structures based only on Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging Feedback

Oct 30, 2020
Zhongliang Jiang, Zhenyu Li, Matthias Grimm, Mingchuan Zhou, Marco Esposito, Wolfgang Wein, Walter Stechele, Thomas Wendler, Nassir Navab

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Surgical Data Science -- from Concepts to Clinical Translation

Oct 30, 2020
Lena Maier-Hein, Matthias Eisenmann, Duygu Sarikaya, Keno März, Toby Collins, Anand Malpani, Johannes Fallert, Hubertus Feussner, Stamatia Giannarou, Pietro Mascagni, Hirenkumar Nakawala, Adrian Park, Carla Pugh, Danail Stoyanov, Swaroop S. Vedula, Beat Peter Müller, Kevin Cleary, Gabor Fichtinger, Germain Forestier, Bernard Gibaud, Teodor Grantcharov, Makoto Hashizume, Hannes Kenngott, Ron Kikinis, Lars Mündermann, Nassir Navab, Sinan Onogur, Raphael Sznitman, Russell Taylor, Minu Dietlinde Tizabi, Martin Wagner, Gregory D. Hager, Thomas Neumuth, Nicolas Padoy, Pierre Jannin, Stefanie Speidel

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Panoster: End-to-end Panoptic Segmentation of LiDAR Point Clouds

Oct 28, 2020
Stefano Gasperini, Mohammad-Ali Nikouei Mahani, Alvaro Marcos-Ramiro, Nassir Navab, Federico Tombari

* Under review for RA-L with ICRA 2021 option 

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SCFusion: Real-time Incremental Scene Reconstruction with Semantic Completion

Oct 26, 2020
Shun-Cheng Wu, Keisuke Tateno, Nassir Navab, Federico Tombari

* Accepted in International Conference on 3D Vision 2020 

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Graphite: GRAPH-Induced feaTure Extraction for Point Cloud Registration

Oct 18, 2020
Mahdi Saleh, Shervin Dehghani, Benjamin Busam, Nassir Navab, Federico Tombari

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RGB-D SLAM with Structural Regularities

Oct 15, 2020
Yanyan Li, Raza Yunus, Nikolas Brasch, Nassir Navab, Federico Tombari

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I Like to Move It: 6D Pose Estimation as an Action Decision Process

Sep 26, 2020
Benjamin Busam, Hyun Jun Jung, Nassir Navab

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Polyp-artifact relationship analysis using graph inductive learned representations

Sep 15, 2020
Roger D. Soberanis-Mukul, Shadi Albarqouni, Nassir Navab

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Inverse Distance Aggregation for Federated Learning with Non-IID Data

Aug 17, 2020
Yousef Yeganeh, Azade Farshad, Nassir Navab, Shadi Albarqouni

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SoftPoolNet: Shape Descriptor for Point Cloud Completion and Classification

Aug 17, 2020
Yida Wang, David Joseph Tan, Nassir Navab, Federico Tombari

* accepted in ECCV 2020 as oral 

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A Learning-based Method for Online Adjustment of C-arm Cone-Beam CT Source Trajectories for Artifact Avoidance

Aug 14, 2020
Mareike Thies, Jan-Nico Zäch, Cong Gao, Russell Taylor, Nassir Navab, Andreas Maier, Mathias Unberath

* 12 pages 

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Continual Class Incremental Learning for CT Thoracic Segmentation

Aug 12, 2020
Abdelrahman Elskhawy, Aneta Lisowska, Matthias Keicher, Josep Henry, Paul Thomson, Nassir Navab

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Structure-SLAM: Low-Drift Monocular SLAM in Indoor Environments

Aug 05, 2020
Yanyan Li, Nikolas Brasch, Yida Wang, Nassir Navab, Federico Tombari

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Curriculum learning for annotation-efficient medical image analysis: scheduling data with prior knowledge and uncertainty

Jul 31, 2020
Amelia Jiménez-Sánchez, Diana Mateus, Sonja Kirchhoff, Chlodwig Kirchhoff, Peter Biberthaler, Nassir Navab, Miguel A. González Ballester, Gemma Piella

* Under review 

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DynaMiTe: A Dynamic Local Motion Model with Temporal Constraints for Robust Real-Time Feature Matching

Jul 31, 2020
Patrick Ruhkamp, Ruiqi Gong, Nassir Navab, Benjamin Busam

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Attention based Multiple Instance Learning for Classification of Blood Cell Disorders

Jul 22, 2020
Ario Sadafi, Asya Makhro, Anna Bogdanova, Nassir Navab, Tingying Peng, Shadi Albarqouni, Carsten Marr

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Towards Unsupervised Learning for Instrument Segmentation in Robotic Surgery with Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks

Jul 09, 2020
Daniil Pakhomov, Wei Shen, Nassir Navab

* IROS 2020 

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Searching for Efficient Architecture for Instrument Segmentation in Robotic Surgery

Jul 08, 2020
Daniil Pakhomov, Nassir Navab

* MICCAI 2020 

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Augment Yourself: Mixed Reality Self-Augmentation Using Optical See-through Head-mounted Displays and Physical Mirrors

Jul 06, 2020
Mathias Unberath, Kevin Yu, Roghayeh Barmaki, Alex Johnson, Nassir Navab

* This manuscript was initially submitted to IEEE VR TVCG 2018 on November 22, 2017 

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Scale-Space Autoencoders for Unsupervised Anomaly Segmentation in Brain MRI

Jun 23, 2020
Christoph Baur, Benedikt Wiestler, Shadi Albarqouni, Nassir Navab

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Model-Based Compensation of Moving Tissue for State Recognition in Robotic-Assisted Pedicle Drilling

Jun 02, 2020
Zhongliang Jiang, Long Lei, Yu Sun, Xiaozhi Qi, Ying Hu, Bing Li, Nassir Navab, Jianwei Zhang

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Efficient Ensemble Model Generation for Uncertainty Estimation with Bayesian Approximation in Segmentation

May 22, 2020
Hong Joo Lee, Seong Tae Kim, Hakmin Lee, Nassir Navab, Yong Man Ro

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Simultaneous imputation and disease classification in incomplete medical datasets using Multigraph Geometric Matrix Completion (MGMC)

May 14, 2020
Gerome Vivar, Anees Kazi, Hendrik Burwinkel, Andreas Zwergal, Nassir Navab, Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi

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Domain-specific loss design for unsupervised physical training: A new approach to modeling medical ML solutions

May 09, 2020
Hendrik Burwinkel, Holger Matz, Stefan Saur, Christoph Hauger, Ayse Mine Evren, Nino Hirnschall, Oliver Findl, Nassir Navab, Seyed-Ahmad Ahmadi

* 11 pages, 2 figures 

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