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Transductive image segmentation: Self-training and effect of uncertainty estimation

Aug 02, 2021
Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Stefan Winzeck, Evgenios N. Kornaropoulos, Daniel Whitehouse, Cameron Englman, Poe Phyu, Norman Pao, David K. Menon, Daniel Rueckert, Tilak Das, Virginia F. J. Newcombe, Ben Glocker

* Published at Domain Adaptation and Representation Transfer (DART) wshop at MICCAI 2021. This version improves methods' names and adds 1 experiment in Tab.3a 

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Learning from Partially Overlapping Labels: Image Segmentation under Annotation Shift

Jul 13, 2021
Gregory Filbrandt, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, David Bernstein, Alexandra Taylor, Ben Glocker

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Confidence-based Out-of-Distribution Detection: A Comparative Study and Analysis

Jul 06, 2021
Christoph Berger, Magdalini Paschali, Ben Glocker, Konstantinos Kamnitsas

* 11 pages, 3 figures 

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Distributional Gaussian Process Layers for Outlier Detection in Image Segmentation

Apr 28, 2021
Sebastian G. Popescu, David J. Sharp, James H. Cole, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Ben Glocker

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Analyzing Overfitting under Class Imbalance in Neural Networks for Image Segmentation

Feb 20, 2021
Zeju Li, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Ben Glocker

* Published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 

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Stochastic Segmentation Networks: Modelling Spatially Correlated Aleatoric Uncertainty

Jun 10, 2020
Miguel Monteiro, Loïc Le Folgoc, Daniel Coelho de Castro, Nick Pawlowski, Bernardo Marques, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Mark van der Wilk, Ben Glocker

* 17 pages, 11 figures, 2 tables 

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Domain Generalization via Model-Agnostic Learning of Semantic Features

Oct 29, 2019
Qi Dou, Daniel C. Castro, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Ben Glocker

* NeurIPS 2019 

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Data Efficient Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Cross-Modality Image Segmentation

Aug 12, 2019
Cheng Ouyang, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Carlo Biffi, Jinming Duan, Daniel Rueckert

* Accepted by MICCAI 2019 

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Overfitting of neural nets under class imbalance: Analysis and improvements for segmentation

Jul 25, 2019
Zeju Li, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Ben Glocker

* Accepted at MICCAI 2019 

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Multiple Landmark Detection using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Jul 22, 2019
Athanasios Vlontzos, Amir Alansary, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Daniel Rueckert, Bernhard Kainz

* Accepted in MICCAI 2019, Camera Ready Version 

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Explainable Shape Analysis through Deep Hierarchical Generative Models: Application to Cardiac Remodeling

Jun 28, 2019
Carlo Biffi, Juan J. Cerrolaza, Giacomo Tarroni, Wenjia Bai, Ozan Oktay, Loic Le Folgoc, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Antonio de Marvao, Georgia Doumou, Jinming Duan, Sanjay K. Prasad, Stuart A. Cook, Declan P. O'Regan, Daniel Rueckert

* Submitted for review to IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 

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Towards continual learning in medical imaging

Nov 06, 2018
Chaitanya Baweja, Ben Glocker, Konstantinos Kamnitsas

* Accepted in Medical Imaging meets NIPS Workshop, NIPS 2018 

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Generative adversarial networks and adversarial methods in biomedical image analysis

Oct 24, 2018
Jelmer M. Wolterink, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Christian Ledig, Ivana Išgum

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Semi-Supervised Learning via Compact Latent Space Clustering

Jul 29, 2018
Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Daniel C. Castro, Loic Le Folgoc, Ian Walker, Ryutaro Tanno, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker, Antonio Criminisi, Aditya Nori

* Presented as a long oral in ICML 2018. Post-conference camera ready 

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Autofocus Layer for Semantic Segmentation

Jun 11, 2018
Yao Qin, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Siddharth Ancha, Jay Nanavati, Garrison Cottrell, Antonio Criminisi, Aditya Nori

* Published on MICCAI 2018 

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Automatic View Planning with Multi-scale Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents

Jun 08, 2018
Amir Alansary, Loic Le Folgoc, Ghislain Vaillant, Ozan Oktay, Yuanwei Li, Wenjia Bai, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Ricardo Guerrero, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Benjamin Hou, Steven McDonagh, Ben Glocker, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert

* Accepted for MICCAI2018 

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Domain Adaptation for MRI Organ Segmentation using Reverse Classification Accuracy

Jun 01, 2018
Vanya V. Valindria, Ioannis Lavdas, Wenjia Bai, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Eric O. Aboagye, Andrea G. Rockall, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker

* Accepted at the International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL) 2018 

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Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNN): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation

Dec 05, 2017
Ozan Oktay, Enzo Ferrante, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Mattias Heinrich, Wenjia Bai, Jose Caballero, Stuart Cook, Antonio de Marvao, Timothy Dawes, Declan O'Regan, Bernhard Kainz, Ben Glocker, Daniel Rueckert

* Published in IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging (Aug 2017) 

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Ensembles of Multiple Models and Architectures for Robust Brain Tumour Segmentation

Nov 04, 2017
Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Wenjia Bai, Enzo Ferrante, Steven McDonagh, Matthew Sinclair, Nick Pawlowski, Martin Rajchl, Matthew Lee, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker

* The method won the 1st-place in the Brain Tumour Segmentation (BRATS) 2017 competition (segmentation task) 

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Context-Sensitive Super-Resolution for Fast Fetal Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Sep 23, 2017
Steven McDonagh, Benjamin Hou, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Ozan Oktay, Amir Alansary, Mary Rutherford, Jo V. Hajnal, Bernhard Kainz

* Springer LNCS 10555 2017 
* 11 pages, 6 figures, published in Proc MICCAI RAMBO'17 

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SonoNet: Real-Time Detection and Localisation of Fetal Standard Scan Planes in Freehand Ultrasound

Jul 25, 2017
Christian F. Baumgartner, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Jacqueline Matthew, Tara P. Fletcher, Sandra Smith, Lisa M. Koch, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert

* 12 pages, 8 figures, published in IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging 

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Efficient Multi-Scale 3D CNN with Fully Connected CRF for Accurate Brain Lesion Segmentation

Jan 08, 2017
Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Christian Ledig, Virginia F. J. Newcombe, Joanna P. Simpson, Andrew D. Kane, David K. Menon, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker

* This version was accepted in the journal Medical Image Analysis (MedIA) 

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Unsupervised domain adaptation in brain lesion segmentation with adversarial networks

Dec 28, 2016
Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Christian Baumgartner, Christian Ledig, Virginia F. J. Newcombe, Joanna P. Simpson, Andrew D. Kane, David K. Menon, Aditya Nori, Antonio Criminisi, Daniel Rueckert, Ben Glocker

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DeepCut: Object Segmentation from Bounding Box Annotations using Convolutional Neural Networks

Jun 05, 2016
Martin Rajchl, Matthew C. H. Lee, Ozan Oktay, Konstantinos Kamnitsas, Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Wenjia Bai, Mellisa Damodaram, Mary A. Rutherford, Joseph V. Hajnal, Bernhard Kainz, Daniel Rueckert

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