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When Is It Acceptable to Break the Rules? Knowledge Representation of Moral Judgement Based on Empirical Data

Jan 19, 2022
Edmond Awad, Sydney Levine, Andrea Loreggia, Nicholas Mattei, Iyad Rahwan, Francesca Rossi, Kartik Talamadupula, Joshua Tenenbaum, Max Kleiman-Weiner

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Using Document Similarity Methods to create Parallel Datasets for Code Translation

Oct 11, 2021
Mayank Agarwal, Kartik Talamadupula, Fernando Martinez, Stephanie Houde, Michael Muller, John Richards, Steven I Ross, Justin D. Weisz

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Eye of the Beholder: Improved Relation Generalization for Text-based Reinforcement Learning Agents

Jun 15, 2021
Keerthiram Murugesan, Subhajit Chaudhury, Kartik Talamadupula

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NeurIPS 2020 NLC2CMD Competition: Translating Natural Language to Bash Commands

Mar 03, 2021
Mayank Agarwal, Tathagata Chakraborti, Quchen Fu, David Gros, Xi Victoria Lin, Jaron Maene, Kartik Talamadupula, Zhongwei Teng, Jules White

* Competition URL: 

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VisualHints: A Visual-Lingual Environment for Multimodal Reinforcement Learning

Oct 26, 2020
Thomas Carta, Subhajit Chaudhury, Kartik Talamadupula, Michiaki Tatsubori

* Code is available at 

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Text-based RL Agents with Commonsense Knowledge: New Challenges, Environments and Baselines

Oct 08, 2020
Keerthiram Murugesan, Mattia Atzeni, Pavan Kapanipathi, Pushkar Shukla, Sadhana Kumaravel, Gerald Tesauro, Kartik Talamadupula, Mrinmaya Sachan, Murray Campbell

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Reading Comprehension as Natural Language Inference: A Semantic Analysis

Oct 04, 2020
Anshuman Mishra, Dhruvesh Patel, Aparna Vijayakumar, Xiang Li, Pavan Kapanipathi, Kartik Talamadupula

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Bootstrapped Q-learning with Context Relevant Observation Pruning to Generalize in Text-based Games

Sep 24, 2020
Subhajit Chaudhury, Daiki Kimura, Kartik Talamadupula, Michiaki Tatsubori, Asim Munawar, Ryuki Tachibana

* Accepted to EMNLP 2020 

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Looking Beyond Sentence-Level Natural Language Inference for Downstream Tasks

Sep 18, 2020
Anshuman Mishra, Dhruvesh Patel, Aparna Vijayakumar, Xiang Li, Pavan Kapanipathi, Kartik Talamadupula

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Type-augmented Relation Prediction in Knowledge Graphs

Sep 16, 2020
Zijun Cui, Pavan Kapanipathi, Kartik Talamadupula, Tian Gao, Qiang Ji

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An Atlas of Cultural Commonsense for Machine Reasoning

Sep 11, 2020
Anurag Acharya, Kartik Talamadupula, Mark A Finlayson

* 10 pages, 4 figures 

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Enhancing Text-based Reinforcement Learning Agents with Commonsense Knowledge

May 02, 2020
Keerthiram Murugesan, Mattia Atzeni, Pushkar Shukla, Mrinmaya Sachan, Pavan Kapanipathi, Kartik Talamadupula

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CLAI: A Platform for AI Skills on the Command Line

Jan 31, 2020
Mayank Agarwal, Jorge J. Barroso, Tathagata Chakraborti, Eli M. Dow, Kshitij Fadnis, Borja Godoy, Kartik Talamadupula


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Infusing Knowledge into the Textual Entailment Task Using Graph Convolutional Networks

Nov 22, 2019
Pavan Kapanipathi, Veronika Thost, Siva Sankalp Patel, Spencer Whitehead, Ibrahim Abdelaziz, Avinash Balakrishnan, Maria Chang, Kshitij Fadnis, Chulaka Gunasekara, Bassem Makni, Nicholas Mattei, Kartik Talamadupula, Achille Fokoue

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Heuristics for Interpretable Knowledge Graph Contextualization

Nov 05, 2019
Kshitij Fadnis, Kartik Talamadupula, Pavan Kapanipathi, Haque Ishfaq, Salim Roukos, Achille Fokoue

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Tentacular Artificial Intelligence, and the Architecture Thereof, Introduced

Oct 14, 2018
Selmer Bringsjord, Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu, Atriya Sen, Matthew Peveler, Biplav Srivastava, Kartik Talamadupula

* FAIM Workshop on Architectures And Evaluation For Generality, Autonomy & Progress in AI July 15, 2018, Stockholm, Sweden, 1st International Workshop Held In Conjunction With IJCAI-ECAI 2018, Aamas 2018 and ICML 2018 

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Answering Science Exam Questions Using Query Rewriting with Background Knowledge

Sep 15, 2018
Ryan Musa, Xiaoyan Wang, Achille Fokoue, Nicholas Mattei, Maria Chang, Pavan Kapanipathi, Bassem Makni, Kartik Talamadupula, Michael Witbrock

* 9 pages, 5 figures, 6 tables 

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Improving Natural Language Inference Using External Knowledge in the Science Questions Domain

Sep 15, 2018
Xiaoyan Wang, Pavan Kapanipathi, Ryan Musa, Mo Yu, Kartik Talamadupula, Ibrahim Abdelaziz, Maria Chang, Achille Fokoue, Bassem Makni, Nicholas Mattei, Michael Witbrock

* 9 pages, 3 figures, 5 tables 

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A Systematic Classification of Knowledge, Reasoning, and Context within the ARC Dataset

Jun 01, 2018
Michael Boratko, Harshit Padigela, Divyendra Mikkilineni, Pritish Yuvraj, Rajarshi Das, Andrew McCallum, Maria Chang, Achille Fokoue-Nkoutche, Pavan Kapanipathi, Nicholas Mattei, Ryan Musa, Kartik Talamadupula, Michael Witbrock

* Presented at the Machine Reading for Question Answering (MRQA 2018) Workshop at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2018). 11 pages, 5 tables, 4 figures 

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Visualizations for an Explainable Planning Agent

Feb 08, 2018
Tathagata Chakraborti, Kshitij P. Fadnis, Kartik Talamadupula, Mishal Dholakia, Biplav Srivastava, Jeffrey O. Kephart, Rachel K. E. Bellamy

* PREVIOUSLY Mr. Jones -- Towards a Proactive Smart Room Orchestrator (appeared in AAAI 2017 Fall Symposium on Human-Agent Groups) 

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Towards Cognitive-and-Immersive Systems: Experiments in a Shared (or common) Blockworld Framework

Sep 14, 2017
Matthew Peveler, Biplav Srivastava, Kartik Talamadupula, Naveen Sundar G., Selmer Bringsjord, Hui Su

* Submitted to IAAI'18 

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Workflow Complexity for Collaborative Interactions: Where are the Metrics? -- A Challenge

Sep 13, 2017
Kartik Talamadupula, Biplav Srivastava, Jeffrey O. Kephart

* 4 pages, 1 figure, 1 table Appeared in the ICAPS 2017 UISP Workshop 

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UbuntuWorld 1.0 LTS - A Platform for Automated Problem Solving & Troubleshooting in the Ubuntu OS

Aug 12, 2017
Tathagata Chakraborti, Kartik Talamadupula, Kshitij P. Fadnis, Murray Campbell, Subbarao Kambhampati

* Appeared (under the same title) in AAAI/IAAI 2017 

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Multiresolution Recurrent Neural Networks: An Application to Dialogue Response Generation

Jun 14, 2016
Iulian Vlad Serban, Tim Klinger, Gerald Tesauro, Kartik Talamadupula, Bowen Zhou, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville

* 21 pages, 2 figures, 10 tables 

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The Metrics Matter! On the Incompatibility of Different Flavors of Replanning

May 12, 2014
Kartik Talamadupula, David E. Smith, Subbarao Kambhampati

* Prior version appears in DMAP 2013 at ICAPS 2013 

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Herding the Crowd: Automated Planning for Crowdsourced Planning

Jul 29, 2013
Kartik Talamadupula, Subbarao Kambhampati

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Strategic Planning for Network Data Analysis

May 12, 2013
Kartik Talamadupula, Octavian Udrea, Anton Riabov, Anand Ranganathan

* 9 pages 

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