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NineRec: A Benchmark Dataset Suite for Evaluating Transferable Recommendation

Sep 14, 2023
Jiaqi Zhang, Yu Cheng, Yongxin Ni, Yunzhu Pan, Zheng Yuan, Junchen Fu, Youhua Li, Jie Wang, Fajie Yuan

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Learning a recommender system model from an item's raw modality features (such as image, text, audio, etc.), called MoRec, has attracted growing interest recently. One key advantage of MoRec is that it can easily benefit from advances in other fields, such as natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision (CV). Moreover, it naturally supports transfer learning across different systems through modality features, known as transferable recommender systems, or TransRec. However, so far, TransRec has made little progress, compared to groundbreaking foundation models in the fields of NLP and CV. The lack of large-scale, high-quality recommendation datasets poses a major obstacle. To this end, we introduce NineRec, a TransRec dataset suite that includes a large-scale source domain recommendation dataset and nine diverse target domain recommendation datasets. Each item in NineRec is represented by a text description and a high-resolution cover image. With NineRec, we can implement TransRec models in an end-to-end training manner instead of using pre-extracted invariant features. We conduct a benchmark study and empirical analysis of TransRec using NineRec, and our findings provide several valuable insights. To support further research, we make our code, datasets, benchmarks, and leaderboards publicly available at

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