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Deep Fourier Up-Sampling

Oct 11, 2022
Figure 1 for Deep Fourier Up-Sampling
Figure 2 for Deep Fourier Up-Sampling
Figure 3 for Deep Fourier Up-Sampling
Figure 4 for Deep Fourier Up-Sampling

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Existing convolutional neural networks widely adopt spatial down-/up-sampling for multi-scale modeling. However, spatial up-sampling operators (\emph{e.g.}, interpolation, transposed convolution, and un-pooling) heavily depend on local pixel attention, incapably exploring the global dependency. In contrast, the Fourier domain obeys the nature of global modeling according to the spectral convolution theorem. Unlike the spatial domain that performs up-sampling with the property of local similarity, up-sampling in the Fourier domain is more challenging as it does not follow such a local property. In this study, we propose a theoretically sound Deep Fourier Up-Sampling (FourierUp) to solve these issues. We revisit the relationships between spatial and Fourier domains and reveal the transform rules on the features of different resolutions in the Fourier domain, which provide key insights for FourierUp's designs. FourierUp as a generic operator consists of three key components: 2D discrete Fourier transform, Fourier dimension increase rules, and 2D inverse Fourier transform, which can be directly integrated with existing networks. Extensive experiments across multiple computer vision tasks, including object detection, image segmentation, image de-raining, image dehazing, and guided image super-resolution, demonstrate the consistent performance gains obtained by introducing our FourierUp.

* This paper was accepted by NeurIPS 2022. Project Paper:  

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