Accelerating and Improving AlphaZero Using Population Based Training

Mar 13, 2020
Ti-Rong Wu, Ting-Han Wei, I-Chen Wu

* accepted by AAAI2020 as oral presentation. In this version, supplementary materials are added 

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Multiple Policy Value Monte Carlo Tree Search

May 31, 2019
Li-Cheng Lan, Wei Li, Ting-Han Wei, I-Chen Wu

* Proceedings of the 28th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-19) 

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Human vs. Computer Go: Review and Prospect

Jun 07, 2016
Chang-Shing Lee, Mei-Hui Wang, Shi-Jim Yen, Ting-Han Wei, I-Chen Wu, Ping-Chiang Chou, Chun-Hsun Chou, Ming-Wan Wang, Tai-Hsiung Yang

* This article is with 6 pages and 3 figures. And, it is accepted and will be published in IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine in August, 2016 

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