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Pawan Goyal

IIT Kharagpur, India

Evaluating Neural Word Embeddings for Sanskrit

Apr 01, 2021
Jivnesh Sandhan, Om Adideva, Digumarthi Komal, Laxmidhar Behera, Pawan Goyal

* 14 pages, The work is submitted at WSC 2022, Canberra, Australia 

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Deep Neural Approaches to Relation Triplets Extraction: A Comprehensive Survey

Mar 31, 2021
Tapas Nayak, Navonil Majumder, Pawan Goyal, Soujanya Poria

* A survey paper for relation extraction 

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LQResNet: A Deep Neural Network Architecture for Learning Dynamic Processes

Mar 27, 2021
Pawan Goyal, Peter Benner

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A Little Pretraining Goes a Long Way: A Case Study on Dependency Parsing Task for Low-resource Morphologically Rich Languages

Feb 12, 2021
Jivnesh Sandhan, Amrith Krishna, Ashim Gupta, Laxmidhar Behera, Pawan Goyal

* 6 pages, The work is accepted at EACL-SRW, 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine 

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A Novel Two-stage Framework for Extracting Opinionated Sentences from News Articles

Jan 24, 2021
Rajkumar Pujari, Swara Desai, Niloy Ganguly, Pawan Goyal

* Presented as a talk at TextGraphs-9: the workshop on Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing at EMNLP 2014 

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Reproducibility, Replicability and Beyond: Assessing Production Readiness of Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis in the Wild

Jan 23, 2021
Rajdeep Mukherjee, Shreyas Shetty, Subrata Chattopadhyay, Subhadeep Maji, Samik Datta, Pawan Goyal

* 12 pages, accepted at ECIR 2021 

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Joint Autoregressive and Graph Models for Software and Developer Social Networks

Jan 21, 2021
Rima Hazra, Hardik Aggarwal, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee, Soumen Chakrabarti

* Accepted at ECIR 2021 

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Medical Entity Linking using Triplet Network

Dec 21, 2020
Ishani Mondal, Sukannya Purkayastha, Sudeshna Sarkar, Pawan Goyal, Jitesh Pillai, Amitava Bhattacharyya, Mahanandeeshwar Gattu

* [email protected] 2019 

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HateXplain: A Benchmark Dataset for Explainable Hate Speech Detection

Dec 18, 2020
Binny Mathew, Punyajoy Saha, Seid Muhie Yimam, Chris Biemann, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee

* 12 pages, 7 figues, 8 tables. Accepted at AAAI 2021 

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Finding Prerequisite Relations between Concepts using Textbook

Nov 20, 2020
Shivam Pal, Vipul Arora, Pawan Goyal

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Operator Inference and Physics-Informed Learning of Low-Dimensional Models for Incompressible Flows

Oct 13, 2020
Peter Benner, Pawan Goyal, Jan Heiland, Igor Pontes Duff

* 23 pages, 14 figures 

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MatScIE: An automated tool for the generation of databases of methods and parameters used in the computational materials science literature

Sep 15, 2020
Souradip Guha, Jatin Agrawal, Swetarekha Ram, Seung-Cheol Lee, Satadeep Bhattacharjee, Pawan Goyal

* 12 pages, 7 figures 

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Interpretable Neuroevolutionary Models for Learning Non-Differentiable Functions and Programs

Jul 16, 2020
Allan Costa, Rumen Dangovski, Samuel Kim, Pawan Goyal, Marin Soljačić, Joseph Jacobson

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Logic Constrained Pointer Networks for Interpretable Textual Similarity

Jul 15, 2020
Subhadeep Maji, Rohan Kumar, Manish Bansal, Kalyani Roy, Pawan Goyal

* IJCAI 2020, Pages 2405-2411 
* Accepted at IJCAI 2020 Main Track. Sole copyright holder is IJCAI, all rights reserved. Available at 

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Read what you need: Controllable Aspect-based Opinion Summarization of Tourist Reviews

Jun 09, 2020
Rajdeep Mukherjee, Hari Chandana Peruri, Uppada Vishnu, Pawan Goyal, Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Niloy Ganguly

* 4 pages, accepted in the Proceedings of the 43rd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval (SIGIR), 2020 

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Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis of Scientific Reviews

Jun 05, 2020
Souvic Chakraborty, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee

* Accepted in JCDL'20 

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Using Large Pretrained Language Models for Answering User Queries from Product Specifications

May 29, 2020
Kalyani Roy, Smit Shah, Nithish Pai, Jaidam Ramtej, Prajit Prashant Nadkarn, Jyotirmoy Banerjee, Pawan Goyal, Surender Kumar

* 5 pages 

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Evaluating Neural Morphological Taggers for Sanskrit

May 21, 2020
Ashim Gupta, Amrith Krishna, Pawan Goyal, Oliver Hellwig

* Accepted to SIGMORPHON Workshop at ACL 2020 

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Neural Approaches for Data Driven Dependency Parsing in Sanskrit

Apr 17, 2020
Amrith Krishna, Ashim Gupta, Deepak Garasangi, Jivnesh Sandhan, Pavankumar Satuluri, Pawan Goyal

* submitted to WSC 2021 

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Exploring Effects of Random Walk Based Minibatch Selection Policy on Knowledge Graph Completion

Apr 12, 2020
Bishal Santra, Prakhar Sharma, Sumegh Roychowdhury, Pawan Goyal

* 7 pages, 3 figures 

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Low-Rank and Total Variation Regularization and Its Application to Image Recovery

Mar 12, 2020
Pawan Goyal, Hussam Al Daas, Peter Benner

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Using Distributional Thesaurus Embedding for Co-hyponymy Detection

Feb 24, 2020
Abhik Jana, Nikhil Reddy Varimalla, Pawan Goyal

* Accepted in LREC 2020. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1802.04609 

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Operator inference for non-intrusive model reduction of systems with non-polynomial nonlinear terms

Feb 22, 2020
Peter Benner, Pawan Goyal, Boris Kramer, Benjamin Peherstorfer, Karen Willcox

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Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning for Domain Invariant Sentiment Classification

Nov 23, 2019
Pratik Kayal, Mayank Singh, Pawan Goyal

* 5 Pages, 3 tables 

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HateMonitors: Language Agnostic Abuse Detection in Social Media

Sep 27, 2019
Punyajoy Saha, Binny Mathew, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee

* 8 pages, 1 figure, 4 tables, models available at 

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Competing Topic Naming Conventions in Quora: Predicting Appropriate Topic Merges and Winning Topics from Millions of Topic Pairs

Sep 10, 2019
Binny Mathew, Suman Kalyan Maity, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee

* 15 pages, 8 figures, 9 tables 

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Incorporating Domain Knowledge into Medical NLI using Knowledge Graphs

Aug 31, 2019
Soumya Sharma, Bishal Santra, Abhik Jana, T. Y. S. S. Santosh, Niloy Ganguly, Pawan Goyal

* EMNLP 2019 accepted short paper 

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