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Point Process Flows

Oct 18, 2019
Nazanin Mehrasa, Ruizhi Deng, Mohamed Osama Ahmed, Bo Chang, Jiawei He, Thibaut Durand, Marcus Brubaker, Greg Mori

Figure 1 for Point Process Flows
Figure 2 for Point Process Flows

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Event sequences can be modeled by temporal point processes (TPPs) to capture their asynchronous and probabilistic nature. We contribute an intensity-free framework that directly models the point process as a non-parametric distribution by utilizing normalizing flows. This approach is capable of capturing highly complex temporal distributions and does not rely on restrictive parametric forms. Comparisons with state-of-the-art baseline models on both synthetic and challenging real-life datasets show that the proposed framework is effective at modeling the stochasticity of discrete event sequences.

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