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GenerateCT: Text-Guided 3D Chest CT Generation

May 26, 2023
Ibrahim Ethem Hamamci, Sezgin Er, Enis Simsar, Alperen Tezcan, Ayse Gulnihan Simsek, Furkan Almas, Sevval Nil Esirgun, Hadrien Reynaud, Sarthak Pati, Christian Bluethgen, Bjoern Menze

Figure 1 for GenerateCT: Text-Guided 3D Chest CT Generation
Figure 2 for GenerateCT: Text-Guided 3D Chest CT Generation
Figure 3 for GenerateCT: Text-Guided 3D Chest CT Generation
Figure 4 for GenerateCT: Text-Guided 3D Chest CT Generation

Generative modeling has experienced substantial progress in recent years, particularly in text-to-image and text-to-video synthesis. However, the medical field has not yet fully exploited the potential of large-scale foundational models for synthetic data generation. In this paper, we introduce GenerateCT, the first method for text-conditional computed tomography (CT) generation, addressing the limitations in 3D medical imaging research and making our entire framework open-source. GenerateCT consists of a pre-trained large language model, a transformer-based text-conditional 3D chest CT generation architecture, and a text-conditional spatial super-resolution diffusion model. We also propose CT-ViT, which efficiently compresses CT volumes while preserving auto-regressiveness in-depth, enabling the generation of 3D CT volumes with variable numbers of axial slices. Our experiments demonstrate that GenerateCT can produce realistic, high-resolution, and high-fidelity 3D chest CT volumes consistent with medical language text prompts. We further investigate the potential of GenerateCT by training a model using generated CT volumes for multi-abnormality classification of chest CT volumes. Our contributions provide a valuable foundation for future research in text-conditional 3D medical image generation and have the potential to accelerate advancements in medical imaging research. Our code, pre-trained models, and generated data are available at

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