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Heterogeneous Graphlets

Oct 23, 2020
Ryan A. Rossi, Nesreen K. Ahmed, Aldo Carranza, David Arbour, Anup Rao, Sungchul Kim, Eunyee Koh

Figure 1 for Heterogeneous Graphlets
Figure 2 for Heterogeneous Graphlets
Figure 3 for Heterogeneous Graphlets
Figure 4 for Heterogeneous Graphlets

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In this paper, we introduce a generalization of graphlets to heterogeneous networks called typed graphlets. Informally, typed graphlets are small typed induced subgraphs. Typed graphlets generalize graphlets to rich heterogeneous networks as they explicitly capture the higher-order typed connectivity patterns in such networks. To address this problem, we describe a general framework for counting the occurrences of such typed graphlets. The proposed algorithms leverage a number of combinatorial relationships for different typed graphlets. For each edge, we count a few typed graphlets, and with these counts along with the combinatorial relationships, we obtain the exact counts of the other typed graphlets in o(1) constant time. Notably, the worst-case time complexity of the proposed approach matches the time complexity of the best known untyped algorithm. In addition, the approach lends itself to an efficient lock-free and asynchronous parallel implementation. While there are no existing methods for typed graphlets, there has been some work that focused on computing a different and much simpler notion called colored graphlet. The experiments confirm that our proposed approach is orders of magnitude faster and more space-efficient than methods for computing the simpler notion of colored graphlet. Unlike these methods that take hours on small networks, the proposed approach takes only seconds on large networks with millions of edges. Notably, since typed graphlet is more general than colored graphlet (and untyped graphlets), the counts of various typed graphlets can be combined to obtain the counts of the much simpler notion of colored graphlets. The proposed methods give rise to new opportunities and applications for typed graphlets.

* arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:1901.10026  
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