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iCub Detecting Gazed Objects: A Pipeline Estimating Human Attention

Aug 25, 2023
Shiva Hanifi, Elisa Maiettini, Maria Lombardi, Lorenzo Natale

This paper explores the role of eye gaze in human-robot interactions and proposes a novel system for detecting objects gazed by the human using solely visual feedback. The system leverages on face detection, human attention prediction, and online object detection, and it allows the robot to perceive and interpret human gaze accurately, paving the way for establishing joint attention with human partners. Additionally, a novel dataset collected with the humanoid robot iCub is introduced, comprising over 22,000 images from ten participants gazing at different annotated objects. This dataset serves as a benchmark for evaluating the performance of the proposed pipeline. The paper also includes an experimental analysis of the pipeline's effectiveness in a human-robot interaction setting, examining the performance of each component. Furthermore, the developed system is deployed on the humanoid robot iCub, and a supplementary video showcases its functionality. The results demonstrate the potential of the proposed approach to enhance social awareness and responsiveness in social robotics, as well as improve assistance and support in collaborative scenarios, promoting efficient human-robot collaboration. The code and the collected dataset will be released upon acceptance.

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