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Scaled-Time-Attention Robust Edge Network

Jul 09, 2021
Richard Lau, Lihan Yao, Todd Huster, William Johnson, Stephen Arleth, Justin Wong, Devin Ridge, Michael Fletcher, William C. Headley

Figure 1 for Scaled-Time-Attention Robust Edge Network
Figure 2 for Scaled-Time-Attention Robust Edge Network
Figure 3 for Scaled-Time-Attention Robust Edge Network
Figure 4 for Scaled-Time-Attention Robust Edge Network

This paper describes a systematic approach towards building a new family of neural networks based on a delay-loop version of a reservoir neural network. The resulting architecture, called Scaled-Time-Attention Robust Edge (STARE) network, exploits hyper dimensional space and non-multiply-and-add computation to achieve a simpler architecture, which has shallow layers, is simple to train, and is better suited for Edge applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), over traditional deep neural networks. STARE incorporates new AI concepts such as Attention and Context, and is best suited for temporal feature extraction and classification. We demonstrate that STARE is applicable to a variety of applications with improved performance and lower implementation complexity. In particular, we showed a novel way of applying a dual-loop configuration to detection and identification of drone vs bird in a counter Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) detection application by exploiting both spatial (video frame) and temporal (trajectory) information. We also demonstrated that the STARE performance approaches that of a State-of-the-Art deep neural network in classifying RF modulations, and outperforms Long Short-term Memory (LSTM) in a special case of Mackey Glass time series prediction. To demonstrate hardware efficiency, we designed and developed an FPGA implementation of the STARE algorithm to demonstrate its low-power and high-throughput operations. In addition, we illustrate an efficient structure for integrating a massively parallel implementation of the STARE algorithm for ASIC implementation.

* 20 pages, 22 figures, 9 tables, Darpa Distribution Statement A. Approved for public release. Distribution Unlimited 
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