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An Overview of Perception and Decision-Making in Autonomous Systems in the Era of Learning

Feb 24, 2020
Yang Tang, Chaoqiang Zhao, Jianrui Wang, Chongzhen Zhang, Qiyu Sun, Weixing Zheng, Wenli Du, Feng Qian, Juergen Kurths

Autonomous systems possess the features of inferring their own ego-motion, autonomously understanding their surroundings, and planning trajectories. With the applications of deep learning and reinforcement learning, the perception and decision-making abilities of autonomous systems are being efficiently addressed, and many new learning-based algorithms have surfaced with respect to autonomous perception and decision-making. In this review, we focus on the applications of learning-based approaches in perception and decision-making in autonomous systems, which is different from previous reviews that discussed traditional methods. First, we delineate the existing classical simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) solutions and review the environmental perception and understanding methods based on deep learning, including deep learning-based monocular depth estimation, ego-motion prediction, image enhancement, object detection, semantic segmentation, and their combinations with traditional SLAM frameworks. Second, we briefly summarize the existing motion planning techniques, such as path planning and trajectory planning methods, and discuss the navigation methods based on reinforcement learning. Finally, we examine the several challenges and promising directions discussed and concluded in related research for future works in the era of computer science, automatic control, and robotics.

* 27 pages, 8 figures 
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