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Topic-Guided Self-Introduction Generation for Social Media Users

May 24, 2023
Chunpu Xu, Jing Li, Piji Li, Min Yang

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Millions of users are active on social media. To allow users to better showcase themselves and network with others, we explore the auto-generation of social media self-introduction, a short sentence outlining a user's personal interests. While most prior work profiles users with tags (e.g., ages), we investigate sentence-level self-introductions to provide a more natural and engaging way for users to know each other. Here we exploit a user's tweeting history to generate their self-introduction. The task is non-trivial because the history content may be lengthy, noisy, and exhibit various personal interests. To address this challenge, we propose a novel unified topic-guided encoder-decoder (UTGED) framework; it models latent topics to reflect salient user interest, whose topic mixture then guides encoding a user's history and topic words control decoding their self-introduction. For experiments, we collect a large-scale Twitter dataset, and extensive results show the superiority of our UTGED to the advanced encoder-decoder models without topic modeling.

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