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Multi-behavior Recommendation with SVD Graph Neural Networks

Sep 13, 2023
Shengxi Fu, Qianqian Ren

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Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) has been extensively employed in the field of recommender systems, offering users personalized recommendations and yielding remarkable outcomes. Recently, GNNs incorporating contrastive learning have demonstrated promising performance in handling sparse data problem of recommendation system. However, existing contrastive learning methods still have limitations in addressing the cold-start problem and resisting noise interference especially for multi-behavior recommendation. To mitigate the aforementioned issues, the present research posits a GNNs based multi-behavior recommendation model MB-SVD that utilizes Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) graphs to enhance model performance. In particular, MB-SVD considers user preferences under different behaviors, improving recommendation effectiveness while better addressing the cold-start problem. Our model introduces an innovative methodology, which subsume multi-behavior contrastive learning paradigm to proficiently discern the intricate interconnections among heterogeneous manifestations of user behavior and generates SVD graphs to automate the distillation of crucial multi-behavior self-supervised information for robust graph augmentation. Furthermore, the SVD based framework reduces the embedding dimensions and computational load. Thorough experimentation showcases the remarkable performance of our proposed MB-SVD approach in multi-behavior recommendation endeavors across diverse real-world datasets.

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