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Fairness of Exposure in Dynamic Recommendation

Sep 05, 2023
Masoud Mansoury, Bamshad Mobasher

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Exposure bias is a well-known issue in recommender systems where the exposure is not fairly distributed among items in the recommendation results. This is especially problematic when bias is amplified over time as a few items (e.g., popular ones) are repeatedly over-represented in recommendation lists and users' interactions with those items will amplify bias towards those items over time resulting in a feedback loop. This issue has been extensively studied in the literature in static recommendation environment where a single round of recommendation result is processed to improve the exposure fairness. However, less work has been done on addressing exposure bias in a dynamic recommendation setting where the system is operating over time, the recommendation model and the input data are dynamically updated with ongoing user feedback on recommended items at each round. In this paper, we study exposure bias in a dynamic recommendation setting. Our goal is to show that existing bias mitigation methods that are designed to operate in a static recommendation setting are unable to satisfy fairness of exposure for items in long run. In particular, we empirically study one of these methods and show that repeatedly applying this method fails to fairly distribute exposure among items in long run. To address this limitation, we show how this method can be adapted to effectively operate in a dynamic recommendation setting and achieve exposure fairness for items in long run. Experiments on a real-world dataset confirm that our solution is superior in achieving long-term exposure fairness for the items while maintaining the recommendation accuracy.

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