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DC-Net: Divide-and-Conquer for Salient Object Detection

May 24, 2023
Jiayi Zhu, Xuebin Qin, Abdulmotaleb Elsaddik

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In this paper, we introduce Divide-and-Conquer into the salient object detection (SOD) task to enable the model to learn prior knowledge that is for predicting the saliency map. We design a novel network, Divide-and-Conquer Network (DC-Net) which uses two encoders to solve different subtasks that are conducive to predicting the final saliency map, here is to predict the edge maps with width 4 and location maps of salient objects and then aggregate the feature maps with different semantic information into the decoder to predict the final saliency map. The decoder of DC-Net consists of our newly designed two-level Residual nested-ASPP (ResASPP$^{2}$) modules, which have the ability to capture a large number of different scale features with a small number of convolution operations and have the advantages of maintaining high resolution all the time and being able to obtain a large and compact effective receptive field (ERF). Based on the advantage of Divide-and-Conquer's parallel computing, we use Parallel Acceleration to speed up DC-Net, allowing it to achieve competitive performance on six LR-SOD and five HR-SOD datasets under high efficiency (60 FPS and 55 FPS). Codes and results are available:

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