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Predicting engagement in online social networks: Challenges and opportunities

Jul 11, 2019
Farig Sadeque, Steven Bethard

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Since the introduction of social media, user participation or engagement has received little research attention. In this survey article, we establish the notion of participation in social media and main challenges that researchers may face while exploring this phenomenon. We surveyed a handful of research articles that had been done in this area, and tried to extract, analyze and summarize the techniques performed by the researchers. We classified these works based on our task definitions, and explored the machine learning models that have been used for any kind of participation prediction. We also explored the vast amount of features that have been proven useful, and classified them into categories for better understanding and ease of re-implementation. We have found that the success of a technique mostly depends on the type of the network that has been researched on, and there is no universal machine learning algorithm or feature sets that works reasonably well in all types of social media. There is a lack of attempts in implementing state-of-the-art machine learning techniques like neural networks, and the possibility of transfer learning and domain adaptation has not been explored.

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