Psychological State in Text: A Limitation of Sentiment Analysis

Jun 03, 2018
Hwiyeol Jo, Jeong Ryu

Starting with the idea that sentiment analysis models should be able to predict not only positive or negative but also other psychological states of a person, we implement a sentiment analysis model to investigate the relationship between the model and emotional state. We first examine psychological measurements of 64 participants and ask them to write a book report about a story. After that, we train our sentiment analysis model using crawled movie review data. We finally evaluate participants' writings, using the pretrained model as a concept of transfer learning. The result shows that sentiment analysis model performs good at predicting a score, but the score does not have any correlation with human's self-checked sentiment.

* In Proceedings of IJCAI-ECAI Workshop on AI and Computational Psychology: Theories, Algorithms and Applications (CompPsy) 

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