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Diagnosing Heterogeneous Dynamics for CT Scan Images of Human Brain in Wavelet and MFDFA domain

Mar 12, 2015
Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay, Soham Mandal, Nandan K Das, Subhadip Dey, Asish Mitra, Nirmalya Ghosh, Prasanta K Panigrahi

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CT scan images of human brain of a particular patient in different cross sections are taken, on which wavelet transform and multi-fractal analysis are applied. The vertical and horizontal unfolding of images are done before analyzing these images. A systematic investigation of de-noised CT scan images of human brain in different cross-sections are carried out through wavelet normalized energy and wavelet semi-log plots, which clearly points out the mismatch between results of vertical and horizontal unfolding. The mismatch of results confirms the heterogeneity in spatial domain. Using the multi-fractal de-trended fluctuation analysis (MFDFA), the mismatch between the values of Hurst exponent and width of singularity spectrum by vertical and horizontal unfolding confirms the same.

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