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Will Sentiment Analysis Need Subculture? A New Data Augmentation Approach

Sep 01, 2023
Zhenhua Wang, Simin He, Guang Xu, Ming Ren

The renowned proverb that "The pen is mightier than the sword" underscores the formidable influence wielded by text expressions in shaping sentiments. Indeed, well-crafted written can deeply resonate within cultures, conveying profound sentiments. Nowadays, the omnipresence of the Internet has fostered a subculture that congregates around the contemporary milieu. The subculture artfully articulates the intricacies of human feelings by ardently pursuing the allure of novelty, a fact that cannot be disregarded in the sentiment analysis. This paper strives to enrich data through the lens of subculture, to address the insufficient training data faced by sentiment analysis. To this end, a new approach of subculture-based data augmentation (SCDA) is proposed, which engenders six enhanced texts for each training text by leveraging the creation of six diverse subculture expression generators. The extensive experiments attest to the effectiveness and potential of SCDA. The results also shed light on the phenomenon that disparate subculture expressions elicit varying degrees of sentiment stimulation. Moreover, an intriguing conjecture arises, suggesting the linear reversibility of certain subculture expressions. It is our fervent aspiration that this study serves as a catalyst in fostering heightened perceptiveness towards the tapestry of information, sentiment and culture, thereby enriching our collective understanding.

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