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Sequence-to-Sequence Spanish Pre-trained Language Models

Sep 20, 2023
Vladimir Araujo, Maria Mihaela Trusca, Rodrigo Tufiño, Marie-Francine Moens

In recent years, substantial advancements in pre-trained language models have paved the way for the development of numerous non-English language versions, with a particular focus on encoder-only and decoder-only architectures. While Spanish language models encompassing BERT, RoBERTa, and GPT have exhibited prowess in natural language understanding and generation, there remains a scarcity of encoder-decoder models designed for sequence-to-sequence tasks involving input-output pairs. This paper breaks new ground by introducing the implementation and evaluation of renowned encoder-decoder architectures, exclusively pre-trained on Spanish corpora. Specifically, we present Spanish versions of BART, T5, and BERT2BERT-style models and subject them to a comprehensive assessment across a diverse range of sequence-to-sequence tasks, spanning summarization, rephrasing, and generative question answering. Our findings underscore the competitive performance of all models, with BART and T5 emerging as top performers across all evaluated tasks. As an additional contribution, we have made all models publicly available to the research community, fostering future exploration and development in Spanish language processing.

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