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Deep learning as a tool for quantum error reduction in quantum image processing

Nov 08, 2023
Krzysztof Werner, Kamil Wereszczyński, Rafał Potempa, Krzysztof Cyran

Despite the limited availability and quantum volume of quantum computers, quantum image representation is a widely researched area. Currently developed methods use quantum entanglement to encode information about pixel positions. These methods range from using the angle parameter of the rotation gate (e.g., the Flexible Representation of Quantum Images, FRQI), sequences of qubits (e.g., Novel Enhanced Quantum Representation, NEQR), or the angle parameter of the phase shift gates (e.g., Local Phase Image Quantum Encoding, LPIQE) for storing color information. All these methods are significantly affected by decoherence and other forms of quantum noise, which is an inseparable part of quantum computing in the noisy intermediate-scale quantum era. These phenomena can highly influence the measurements and result in extracted images that are visually dissimilar to the originals. Because this process is at its foundation quantum, the computational reversal of this process is possible. There are many methods for error correction, mitigation, and reduction, but all of them use quantum computer time or additional qubits to achieve the desired result. We report the successful use of a generative adversarial network trained for image-to-image translation, in conjunction with Phase Distortion Unraveling error reduction method, for reducing overall error in images encoded using LPIQE.

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