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Stochastic Doubly Robust Gradient

Dec 21, 2018
Kanghoon Lee, Jihye Choi, Moonsu Cha, Jung-Kwon Lee, Taeyoon Kim

Figure 1 for Stochastic Doubly Robust Gradient
Figure 2 for Stochastic Doubly Robust Gradient

When training a machine learning model with observational data, it is often encountered that some values are systemically missing. Learning from the incomplete data in which the missingness depends on some covariates may lead to biased estimation of parameters and even harm the fairness of decision outcome. This paper proposes how to adjust the causal effect of covariates on the missingness when training models using stochastic gradient descent (SGD). Inspired by the design of doubly robust estimator and its theoretical property of double robustness, we introduce stochastic doubly robust gradient (SDRG) consisting of two models: weight-corrected gradients for inverse propensity score weighting and per-covariate control variates for regression adjustment. Also, we identify the connection between double robustness and variance reduction in SGD by demonstrating the SDRG algorithm with a unifying framework for variance reduced SGD. The performance of our approach is empirically tested by showing the convergence in training image classifiers with several examples of missing data.

* 9 pages, 2 figures 
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