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University of Surrey

Towards One-Shot Learning for Text Classification using Inductive Logic Programming

Aug 30, 2023
Ghazal Afroozi Milani, Daniel Cyrus, Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad

With the ever-increasing potential of AI to perform personalised tasks, it is becoming essential to develop new machine learning techniques which are data-efficient and do not require hundreds or thousands of training data. In this paper, we explore an Inductive Logic Programming approach for one-shot text classification. In particular, we explore the framework of Meta-Interpretive Learning (MIL), along with using common-sense background knowledge extracted from ConceptNet. Results indicate that MIL can learn text classification rules from a small number of training examples. Moreover, the higher complexity of chosen examples, the higher accuracy of the outcome.

* EPTCS 385, 2023, pp. 69-79  
* In Proceedings ICLP 2023, arXiv:2308.14898 
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