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Receiving an algorithmic recommendation based on documentary filmmaking techniques

Sep 08, 2023
Samuel Gantier, Ève Givois, Bernard Jacquemin, Bouchra Atbane-El Houadi

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This article analyzes the reception of a novel algorithmic recommendation of documentary films by a panel of moviegoers of the T{\"e}nk platform. In order to propose an alternative to recommendations based on a thematic classification, the director or the production period, a set of metadata has been elaborated within the framework of this experimentation in order to characterize the great variety of ``documentary filmmaking dispositifs'' . The goal is to investigate the different ways in which the platform's film lovers appropriate a personalized recommendation of 4 documentaries with similar or similar filmmaking dispositifs. To conclude, the contributions and limits of this proof of concept are discussed in order to sketch out avenues of reflection for improving the instrumented mediation of documentary films.

* Revue fran{\c c}aise des sciences de l'information et de la communication, 2023, 26  * in French language  
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