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FastFlows: Flow-Based Models for Molecular Graph Generation

Jan 28, 2022
Nathan C. Frey, Vijay Gadepally, Bharath Ramsundar

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We propose a framework using normalizing-flow based models, SELF-Referencing Embedded Strings, and multi-objective optimization that efficiently generates small molecules. With an initial training set of only 100 small molecules, FastFlows generates thousands of chemically valid molecules in seconds. Because of the efficient sampling, substructure filters can be applied as desired to eliminate compounds with unreasonable moieties. Using easily computable and learned metrics for druglikeness, synthetic accessibility, and synthetic complexity, we perform a multi-objective optimization to demonstrate how FastFlows functions in a high-throughput virtual screening context. Our model is significantly simpler and easier to train than autoregressive molecular generative models, and enables fast generation and identification of druglike, synthesizable molecules.

* 7 pages, 4 figures, ELLIS Machine Learning for Molecule Discovery Workshop 2021  
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